Bio Green Greenhouse Heater 110 V With manual Thermostat - "Palma"

Bio Green Greenhouse Heater 110 V With manual Thermostat - "Palma"

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Greenhouse Heater "Palma": The Ultimate Heating Solution for Greenhouses

Experience Unmatched Efficiency and Versatility

Introducing the Greenhouse Heater "Palma" by BIO GREEN . your go-to solution for all your greenhouse heating needs. Palma stands out as an innovative and powerful electric greenhouse heater . meticulously crafted to excel in greenhouse and damp room environments. With its sleek design . exceptional energy efficiency . and top-tier safety features . Palma redefines heating for greenhouses.

Efficiency Meets Elegance - The "Palma" Greenhouse heater

Palma boasts a robust stainless steel housing with a timeless design that effortlessly complements any environment. Its compact form is ideal for smaller greenhouses . while slip-resistant rubber feet and a convenient carrying handle offer flexibility in placement.

Precise Temperature Control

Equipped with a manual thermostat . Palma allows you to achieve and maintain your desired temperature effortlessly. Mount the thermostat at eye level and position the temperature sensor anywhere you prefer. The thermostat covers a wide temperature range . from -50°C to +99°C (-58°F to 210.2°F) . catering to various plant-related needs. Unlike its predecessor . Thermo 1 . Thermo 2 also supports greenhouse ventilation . eliminating condensation . and can control servomotors for optimal airflow.

Exceptional Heating Performance

Palma delivers an unmatched 1500 W heating output and an air circulation rate of 163 m³/h . ensuring rapid and even heat distribution for consistent greenhouse temperatures. The thermostat's precision . with an accuracy of +/-2°C . ensures energy savings . ultimately reducing operational costs.

Versatility and Safety

Compliant with rigorous safety standards . Palma offers IPX4 protection . making it splash-proof for use in damp environments such as greenhouses . cellars . garages . workshops . warehouses . and music rooms. Its adaptability extends its utility to living areas . providing a cost-effective heating solution.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Floor-standing heater
  • Splash-proof design
  • Powerful 1500 W / 5.120 BTUs heating output
  • Efficient 163 m³/h air circulation
  • Cost-effective operation
  • 1.9m (approx. 6.2ft) cable length
  • Ready-to-use thermostat with:
    • Heating in cold conditions . ventilation in heat
    • Temperature adjustment from -50 to +99°C (-58°F to 210.2°F)
    • Robust digital display
    • 1.5 m (approx. 5ft) temperature sensor cable
    • Includes Schuko socket
    • Suitable for all heating . cooling units . or fans
    • Adjustable up to 1500 W / 5.120 BTUs

Elevate your greenhouse environment with the "Palma" Greenhouse Heater – the epitome of versatility . efficiency . and safety. Bid farewell to temperature fluctuations and soaring energy bills with Palma's precise control and exceptional performance.

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