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Farmer Gracy

Canna 'Stuttgart'

Canna 'Stuttgart'

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Liven up your planting schemes with this extra snazzy Canna 'Stuttgart'! Not only does it have spectacular peachy-orange blooms, but it has the most striking large leaves, each variegated with bold streaks of cream. With foliage boasting such get-up-and-go panache, they’ll certainly make their presence known from early summer right through to autumn. And then from late summer onwards, you’ll be treated to a bright display of perfectly contrasting flowers to add an exciting third dimension to the mix.

Cannas are a tropical looking treasure which bring structural interest as well as a powerful colour impact. If you want to achieve a jungle look in your garden this summer, then this one will surely do that. Canna 'Stuttgart' is perfectly suited to a sunny border, but is also compact enough to grow in pots, meaning you can surround yourself with this low-maintenance beauty on the patio or balcony too!

Gracy tells: Look at the leaves!
"Canna leaves are bold and famous for their tropical look. Most Canna Lily cultivars have rich emerald-green leaves, but some (like Canna 'Stuttgart') have distinctive variegated leaves!"

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