Dried Mealworms Premium Treat for Chickens 30 oz

Dried Mealworms Premium Treat for Chickens 30 oz

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Fluker's 100% All Natural Dried Mealworms: The Nutritious Tasty Treat for Your Feathered Friends Give your pets the best with Fluker's 100% all-natural dried mealworms . an excellent source of protein . lysine . and methionine that are essential for healthy egg production in chickens. These premium treats are perfect for taming and training your pet chickens and other insectivores . including ducks . wild birds . aquatic turtles . reptiles . and hedgehogs at any life stage.

Promotes Feather Growth

Chickens need a boost of protein during their molting season to aid in replenishing their feathers. The high protein content in dried mealworms helps build and repair tissues . promoting healthy feather growth while supporting overall healthy growth.

Healthy Egg Laying

Higher protein intake can prolong the laying period by increasing the chickens' core temperature . which is vital for egg production. By providing your pets with Fluker's 100% all-natural dried mealworms . you can prolong their laying period . ensuring that they continue to produce healthy eggs.


Fluker's dried mealworms come in a resealable zip-top bag . making them easy to store and ensuring they stay fresh for a long time. With no need for refrigeration . they are the perfect snack for your pets . anytime . anywhere.

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